I dream a lot and can often remember them in detail after waking up. Topics range from pretty violent reactions to people who are basically nagging me (now there’s a reflection to my work), naked women walking around (no worries there) and some weird almost philosophical discussions.

Last night I was in a conversation with my wife and realised that I was not totally sure if I was dreaming or not. The actual topic has slipped my mind, but the deeper thought still lingers, like a murmuration. Can you talk about something before going to sleep to carry on in your dream, add details and wake up with more information than you started with? I mean, like she actually added to my dream?

That would be scary: my dream being influenced by a virtual reality that I dreamed up in the first place. To find out in the morning that it was her and not me, adding the details.

Most of my dreams are pretty normal, albeit that they contain a lot of details. Strands of hair move like in a slomo movie, grass moves along the side of bare feet and the way people around me interact is like day to day business.

But sometimes my dreams are a full story, slowly building up to end in some kind of crescendo. I can often relate the separate pictures and scenes back to what I saw during the day. But the translation can be scary. Like looking up at the facade of a 40 story apartment building, to dream go three people falling down a rock cliff, with me having to jump aside to not being hit. The impacts like muffled explosions driving me out of my bed, still dreaming the last shards.

Sometimes dreams are reality, so the other way around. I love that, being tricked in day dreaming. Wide awake and still in some different plane altogether. That’s why I love to visit open air exhibitions and theatre. Nothing is as it seems, things are happening all around you and there is that sense of … festival. As long as it is not too bloody serious.