about us

So here we are:

Friendly me writing, you reading and looking at photos. What a combination! I really hope you know what you are doing, as I am still finding my footing. The options and choices as a creator are beyond belief and being the criticaster at the same time doesn’t help. Not one bit. Suddenly I understand what they mean with ” writers block”.

Oh well, we’ll see where we end up, you and me. I’ll ramble along and hope you catch up. And if not, it’s still worthwhile to look at the photos! And if you even don’t like that, at least I will have had some fun. That’s the primary goal of this strange website anyway. 

This site will jump from color photography to black and white, from single thoughts to a theme based approach. Helter skelter, just like my mind works. 

I’m sure at some time somebody will diagnose me with some hyper active brain disorder. Or they already did, but I didn’t understand the longer words in the explanation. Or I just got plain bored. I am not so good at slow thinking.

Basically you will see me jotting down thoughts (“rambles”), picking up anything that catches my fancy. And I will post photos, of course I will. And if I am in the mood, I’ll put some thoughts “on paper”. 

As with my earlier rambles, the story will go all over the place. Don’t try to connect the dots and suddenly think “hey, that’s about me”. It isn’t.

It’s about me, how I look at things.