Musica est

Every once in a while I must go to a concert. I realise that the performance may be “just Okay”, but live music is like a medicin. Whatever the actual quality, live music beats any studio recording.  And sometimes it all just fits. Musicians on full alert, instruments and amps tuned just right, audience vibrating. Yesterday was one of those. Just perfect. 

The first time I was introduced to Steven Wilson he was a lesser known virtuoso playing around with his band Porcupine Tree. At that time I already thought it was top of the bill. Not understanding that whatever level you are playing at, you can grow. He did. Man, did he grow. 

The funny thing is that it is not about all the techie stuff. It is rather about the focus, the commitment to perform to perfection. Without losing the “live” in the act. Putting your mind to it doesn’t mean the end result is “perfect”. Some dissonance makes for a wonderful experience. 

Oh … it is about emotion. Of course. And with modern performing arts, music and visualisation go hand in hand. Who would think of dropping a veil between the band and the public to super impose video on it. Spooky. Trippy. 



Yesterday’s concert was great, perhaps in the top three of what I ever experienced. Notice the “perhaps” … it just depends on what measuring stick you use. Perhaps I just try to say that it was … top. 

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