You can actually feel it in the air: the chill has gone and warm weather is coming. And for a few weeks life will be really good, with moderate temperatures and the sun not yet burning everything to a sienna tone.

I sat on our balcony today, sipping a juice, half reading a book, half watching what was happening out in the marina.


Actually just a bunch of tourist boats drifting around the inner harbour of Docklands, but clearly a sign that the season has started. Or is about to.

Everybody pipes in, including some minister mumbling to the lord about grace and saviours and whatever. It was a bit strange, with a local MP (read: sociopath wanting to be elected) droning on about historical facts, a “Scottish” pipe band (yup, including that strange whirling of the drumsticks) and a local choir (ladies who still believe in all magnificence).

But good in an overall way. And the fire brigade had their own field day.

I mean, summer is coming and we go sailing. That’s a boat, good company, lovely weather and – as it is always 5PM somewhere – a dram. Or a beer.

So I’m a happy man, with all this happening right around me. And I’ll be the last one complaining about some guy with a cloak (white, with a burgundy cross!) wishing all sailors well.

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