Tall ships


Having sailed on one of the, if not the, most beautiful clippers of current date, my eye will always lock on yards. I mean, modern sailing is all about sailing close to the wind. But there is something about yards and square sails. About finding the passat winds and sailing around the world without any of the tools we perceive as “normal” nowadays.

Of course it is also because of the link back to my grandfather. And that painting of “Passat”, a four mast barque. My history. Stories over cigarette smoke and a dram of brandy.

But is also because of the beauty of man conquering the seas, traveling way beyond the horizons. Returning with stories about beautiful coasts, adventure, meeting with strange folk.

So I was pretty content seeing this replica sailing right by our balcony. Even though it was a bit of a fake, mostly operated for tourists. But I have the memories of long ocean swells, winds picking up to levels beyond belief and the whole ship creaking from stress. The speed. Magnificent.

So, well done, little square rigger. Good memories brought back to the front.

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