There are a few cities that really touched me. Like a home coming. Rome is one of them.

The beauty of historical buildings, some going back some two milenia, being used in daily life is something that took my breath away. You actually touch history, while walking around, sipping a drink fresh water from one of the many springs – some of those still being fed by aqueducts –  or drinking a coffee on a terrace. 

And throughout its history, architects and artists added layer upon layer of new beauty.

Rome is also very photogenic. It is impossible to not see compositions, perspectives and colours that beg for being captured. Of course the most obvious places have been shot a zillion times, mostly by snap shooting tourists. And buy any calendar, look at any website or pick up a book and you will Rome as you know it. The Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and of course the Vatican.

But walking through the smaller streets on your way to one of those hotspots, you can see anoither Rome, no less beautiful and certainly more original when captured.

I am sure I will revisit Rome.

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