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I was visiting an airshow, quite surprised it was right around the corner. I’d been to Duxford (UK) and Oshkosh (USA) and never realized that just one city further along the track was another – quite good – exhibition.

It made for some nice captures, albeit that the rain – common factor in the Netherlands – interfered.

Now think “airfield” and it will probably not enter your mind that that also means “open fields”. Like “no cover”. Until it starts raining. Hard.

Everybody ran away to whatever roof over their heads they could find, most not succeeding and getting thouroughly wet. Some ending up under the one wing that was close by and still getting wet, wings being kind of … aerodynamic and so prone to letting air kind of flow around it. Including the water.

Right in front of me were a mother and daughter under an umbrella. I just stepped forward and told them that I was “family” for the duration of the downpour. They accepted, not totally sure what to do with almost two meters of grinning looney.

“Keep your hands to yourself, sonny!”

Ah, just five meters away were father and son. Luckily they were grinning also.

And I got to take a photo in some comfort.

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