Temperatures far above any comfort level, humidity so that anything even remotely colder is dripping with water and a scenery that is shimmering in historical light.

Hue, Vietnam. City of the Perfume river.

And a battle between US marines and North Vietnamese troops. Destroying the place that was once even the capital. The place of emperical gardens and a citadel of unbelievable beauty.

So there I was, in a hotel on the south bank of the Perfume river that would not pass any hygienic inspection anywhere in Europe. Bland, dull and barely clean. Reminiscent of East German DDR architecture. Forbidding. Ugly.

Only when I saw a couple of geckos crossing the ceiling like there was no gravity did I understand that this place could be cleaner than I thought. And more special.

Geckos hunt mosquitos and other creepy crawlers. And when you marry, folks present you and your new wife with a pair of geckos for your new house. Bringing good luck.

The Perfume river right below my balcony … suddenly I felt overwhelmed with the historical impact of this place.

Fog closed in and the world turned opaque. I was fiddling with my camera and had the feeling I could capture just that one shot … 

There! The river playing it’s magic tricks. 

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