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I think that following “the rules” and “the processes” is OK for day to day life, but if you want to get somewhere, you will have to step outside off the boundaries sometimes. Not that you have to do that each and every time, but you should be aware that there is more than what is “commonly accepted”. But perhaps I am the funny card in the deck: I am a lone wolf mostly and tend to walk a different path anyway.

 So here was this magnificent photo exhibition in Naarden, the Netherlands. Really well set up, with photos outside on the old bastion walls, in the main church and in the casemates. And of course some of the photos are really beautiful.

Photography is about seeing and about light. So when I saw this photo of the New York blackout  and the church windows mirrored in the shiny surface, with me standing through it all, I just had to take the shot.

Light: check

Story: check

Colours: check

Take the picture!

click …

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