Off road

off road - 1_instant

I never thought I would say “Let’s go for a ride”, but after flying and sailing four wheel driving  is really something that provides a little adventure time after time. In our Toyota Landcruiser Prado, “the truck” for short.

Like flying, four wheel driving expands your world: you can go places normal cars can’t. Although I see quite some idiots trying their luck with the family car. I guess that’s Darwin at work.

Of course I take it step by step. There is a lot to learn and Australia is absolutely unforgiving to people who make stupid mistakes. Like being ignorant of where you are and not having some idea of a recovery plan, even for a simple “Sunday drive”. So I read a lot, listen to people, plan ahead, have back up maps (the GPS will quit at the wring moment) and have started equipping the truck with basic recovery and survival stuff. And will join a few 4WD courses. Better safe than sorry.

But it’s lots of fun and the landscapes are stunning. And when you do meet people, they are always friendly and inquisitive. 

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